SiteGround Management

Thank you for all the care and attention, and the hard decisions you had to make to keep us all healthier and happier still. You amaze me every year, but this one made me especially proud to be on the team, with everything you did and continue doing for the team, our families, and the society – from the small gestures to the big ones ❤️

Our Precious Design Team

When we switched to remote mode, I wasn’t sure how we’ll be able to work, since I was so used to stopping by your corner a couple of times a day. But you are even better without me around 🙂 Thank you for all the lovely designs and inspiration, and for always doing your best to understand what’s in my head and make it real and even prettier. It’s truly a pleasure to work with all of you – Maria, Sophie, Mary, Dani, Slavi, Mitaka, and the ruler of them all, Bobi. <3

Victoria Vicheva

A true SiteGround email postmaster – whenever we have an urgent email to send, she’s always ready to help and has a meticulous eye for details. If you ever need to email Santa and his helpers, I’m sure she knows how to get their emails sorted, check them twice, and send it 🙂

Workshop leads @SiteGround Team Fest

Thank you to all AMAZING workshop leads during this year’s team festival, who volunteered their time to have fun and invested it in sharing skills and more fun for the whole team. Mihail Irinchev, Hristo Pandjarov, Laura Martin, Marian Marinov and his DevOps workshop leads, Angel Shtiliyanov, Deyan, Georgi Velev, Yani Ivanov, and the MCs: Francesca Marano, Daniel Kanchev, and Hristo Pandjarov (again:) ????

Diana Mitova

For her masterful battle with the archaic structures of NDK and Sofia city parking services to make sure everyone gets comfortably and enjoys our End-of-year activities.

Ilina Dobreva

For brightening up any room she’s ever in with her endless positivity and bringing this attitude into her work. It’s such a rare pleasure to work with someone like you, who tackles any task with a smile and persistence, and makes it look easy and effortless in the end.

Monika Dimitrova

For her and her team’s amazing work on improving the accessibility of our Client Area and Site Tools ! Such an inspiring project, executed with care and empathy!

Stanimira Ivanova & the Team Festival crew

To Stasi, for being thrown in the deep waters straight after coming back from maternity leave as an event project lead of the Team Festival, without ever having attended one herself, and for doing an excellent job, while keeping cool AND kind, all the way. <3 And for the whole team, who gave their best, helped and sticked to each other no matter what: Tsveta, Diana, Maya Nikolova, Maya Stoyanova, Misho Gotov, Valentin V., Gandi, Krum, Krasi, Anton, Wilkins. Let's do it again this year!

Mihail Gotov

For not saying “It can’t be done” even once, no matter how crazy or last-minute our ideas are. And for doing everything with ease and a sense of humour.

Francesca Marano

For being a general superwoman and the Lead Coordinator of the release of the latest WordPress 5.3 version on the side, like it’s a small thing. (IT’S A BIG THING!)