Radostin Pelov

Being no longer cringe to do that as you will no longer be my direct supervisor, I want to say that you were the best, most understanding, most patient, helpful, and straightforward and articulate of what you want from your team, manager I have ever directly worked with. Keep rocking my guy and keep providing a standard for excellence wherever you go and whatever you do.

Stoycho Velev

The friendly neighbourhood spider-man. The guy everyone can ask for help whenever they need it regardless of the department. And my closest brother in the SiteGround family and beyond.

The Black Friday Promo Launch Team

For doing an outstanding job and ensuring that everything runs smoothly. A win for Stoyan Troev, Elena Seimenova, Viktor Ivanov, Idelin Todorov, Lubo Todorov, Lubo Anev, Ivaylo Durmonski and everyone who helped launch the Black Friday promotion!

Win for the PM team!

For the warmest and friendliest welcome to the team! Thank you Lily for your support and for giving me the opportunity to join the PM family! Thank you Tsvet, Vicky, and Vladi for always being available to help and answer our questions! You rock! <3

Everyone in the office

Hello everyone 👋 this is my first ever WIN to give .
Cheers for every single person in the office , you are amazing people!
Thank you for all the smiles, positivity and passion in your work.
Food team , everything is possible when you are the best 🥂
Wish you happy holidays and happy New year !!!

Lily & the PMs <3

“Lily & the PMs” is not only one of the coolest band names you’ve ever heard, Lily and her team are an awesome bunch of hard-working people that know how to connect the dots and make them work. You rock <3

Dilyana Kodjamanova

Thank you, Didi, for managing the preparation of blog posts, emails, translations, email blasts and so much more! You make it look so easy (and I know it’s NOT). It’s a pleasure working with you 💝


The bestest buddy one can have. Great organisational skills, resourcefulness, positive energy and humour. So happy to have you in the Growth team!

Ivan Radkov

To the best onboarding buddy, thank you for making me feel welcome, for your patience with all my questions and for letting me win at pool sometimes 😀

Tsvetomira Trifonova

She kept coming to the office, in spite of constant questions and bugging from new people. Thank you for always being so helpful, for not running away, and for never choosing violence 😀
Mimi, Ivo, and myself.

The new members of the PM team

Win for Maria and Ivo for their great work with all the promotions this year and for their significant contribution to the presence of the department on Instagram (Instagram photographer and model of the year). Win for Kiro for keeping answering my Figma questions, sending most of the CF mail campaigns without complaining, and commenting on the right post in DevBG so I did not become the 100th person who asks “What’s all that smoke around Ramona”

Hristo Pandjarov

Because despite all his hard efforts, he is still a lovely human with a kind heart <3. He can move mountains when he wants to, single-handedly, but watch what happens when he puts his WP team in action. <3

HR & OM Team

Thank you for your support every time when is needed. Thank you for the teamwork 🙂 You are so good in what you do and I’m glad to share the daily and not so daily tasks with you ! 🙂

Victor Fachev

Thank you for your trust and for challenging me to do my best 🙂 Thank you for all your support ! You make me feel valuable and striving to improve 🙂 it is awesome to be part of the most incredible team! Thank you for the chance 🙂

Sys Admin team

Nothing is impossible for them because they only know one solution and that is to solve a problem! 💪🏼

They eat Mondays for breakfast (and microphones too 😆😆)! 🫶🏻

Epic Phone Team

Huge thanks to the Phone Team for everything we have been through together this year. You all have a special place in my heart and call me for a coffee when you can <3 I wish you a lot of motivation and inspiration in the new 2023! Happy Holidays and stay awesome!

Monika Dimitrova

For her exceptional team spirit and organising skills – the mini MKT teambuilding was a dream, thanks to all the effort you put in, and despite all the other tasks you have at hand! Thank you for being the team buddy one can always rely on!

Bobi & the Design Team <3 for Being Awesome

I am very grateful for working in this team that feels as a family! Thank you all for you support this year!! <3 Thank you, Bobi, for stepping in when needed and taking everything to heart! Our team has grown in numbers and skills in 2022, and I can't wait to see what 2023 has in store for us!


Thank you for always being there, bringing various perspectives to the table, executing like a boss, and finding the information in the deepest myriads & VLOOKUPS!

Best Supporting Role

Thank You! to Stiliyan for the endless patience and support while I was taking my first steps in Adobe XD this year. Master class! Also, very grateful for his hard work during all campaigns we worked on together! And most of all, for tolerating all my мрънкинг during all of this! Salute!

Elisaveta Baneva


Thank you for always being there for me and listening to my rants about my personal life as well as helping me at work. I have learned so much from you and I’m lucky to have you as a friend. Here’s a Thundercat for you <3

Design Team

Win for for keeping the good mood and atmosphere at work! 2023 was such a productive year for the design team, tackling tons of tasks while always finding time to smile or greet eachother with a cheerful song! Keep up the spirit, true unicorns!

Vesi & Vesi’s team

Thank you for being both a wonderful co-worker and a great friend :). You are always where and when is needed 🙂 You succeed in managing your team in the best possible way ! A big hug for you! Thank you to all your team for the efforts, the help and all little things that they do to make our workplace even more pleasant !

Radina Georgieva

All of our designers are absolute rock stars, but I want to give a special THANK YOU to Radi for rocking the video recaps each month, getting always better & faster with them. Really appreciate it!

Monika Dimitrova

The marketing team building was super cool! I know you put a lot of effort in its organisation on top of all other things you juggle. Keep up the great job of motivating and inspiring your people. And thank you for having the PM team there too:)

Georgi Kinski

For being so positive, energetic, soulful and kind! And of course for being an amazing motivator! Thank you for helping me believe in myself to achieve things I never thought I was capable of! You have such a powerful presence МАШИНО! Keep rocking! The world needs more people like you! <3

Svetoslav Stamatov

Thank you for being proactive and going beyond what is expected in your day-to-day job.

Also a huge thanks for the Help Desk CMS that you constantly improve and update – it does save us tons of work!

PM team

In the beginning of the year there was a serious change in the team: one of its pillars (Monika Dimitrova) has left to take another important role in the company, and there were three brand new people joining at once. I will lie, if I say I was not worried how will this play out. But the amazing PM people proved that my worries were in vain. Thank you Tsvet, Vicky and Vladi for being so welcoming to the newcomers and for effectively sharing every bit of your knowledge with them! Thank you Mimi, Kiro and Ivo for blending in so fast and adding you new ideas and potential to the team! It is a pleasure and honour to work with all 6 of you each day and I hope we also have more Taraleshta and 5nizza together next year.


Thank you for the patience over the last year, for providing a different POV, whilst understanding where I come from, whenever I get tunnel visioned, and for helping bring out the better Georgi in me.


Thank you for your constant support, responsiveness, dedication and willingness to help.

For being a party buddy and music lover!

And, for all gummy bears and chewing gums.

SiteGround Management

The general belief is that employers don’t care about their employees. However, would people who do not care go out of their way to make sure we work comfortably, eat wholesome and train to be healthy? They do care, a lot. And we feel it. So, thank you for that. <3

Everyone that did a great job this year!

First and foremost I want to thank all the members of the Customer Care Team – you are our “first line of defense” and the extraordinary work that you do each day makes our customers very happy (usually). 🙂

I also want to thank all SiteGround employees that went beyond what is expected of them in 2022, regardless of their department or office location. Great people make a great company and this includes everyone working for the company – even the cleaning ladies. That is why I’m not going to give personal “wins”, because even if I mention 50 people I will surely forget to mention someone…

So yet again – thank you awesome people for making each day special! Keep on rocking!

Epic Phone Team

THE most awesome people on Earth! I love you guys! Working with you is beyond fun! No matter how challenging a shift can be, there is always someone to got your back!

Bobi & Didi

For being the absolutely best email colleagues (some pun intended 😸)! Thank you both for keeping your calm in a very black and very friday-ish situation 🙌🏻

Ognyan Penkov & The Team

Thank you for having our back at all kinds of events. You guys are representing our strength.. and it’s always fun! You are the ones who can assemble anything! We’re lucky to have a piece of the team here in Plovdiv. We love you Gandi!

Georgi Kinski

Epic professional and amazing person, who always pushes you to your limits. He knows what he does and does it with enormous satisfaction. Thank you ‘МАШИНА’ for all sweаt and all muscle tear! Keep rocking! :muscle::skin-tone-2:

The entire team behind handbook.siteground.com

The handbook is finally here, and this has been a true team effort; I want to highlight a few folks:
-Rumina Mateva, who long ago came up with the idea about and made the structure
-Elena Chavdarova and the whole WP dev team who made it
-Dessi Shindarska who made the Sofia office handbook and we replicated it on the site
-Iva K. who compiled all policies and procedures from all places in a single drive
-Plami A – you are a SUPERSTAR. Thank you for the lengthy hours of proofreading and uploading it all to the site.

Nacho Pavlov

For always being there to help, answering all sorts of requests with a smile, for his patience, and for having the superpower to make tech work just by standing next to it 😎

ES Team

A super high five for the ES team. It has been a difficult year as we have hardly seen each other in person but when the whole team get together is pure magic and fun 😉

Andreea Ionita

Thank you for taking care of the ES team in Spain and everywhere they go. Also, the days at the storage facility created a bond no box 📦 with mysterious content that we’ve never seen before can break.

Misho Gotov

For always banging in the rhythm of his own drum, being as cool as a cucumber, and doing everything just as carelessly – from running a restaurant for spoiled ITs, to booking world-class bands for us, to being our go-to audio/video guy, and occasional DJ – Misho, I don’t know If there is anything you can’t do. Maybe knitting?

Victor Fachev and Velina Bozhilova

I would like to say a big THANK YOU to Victor and Velina for giving me opportunity to work in this amazing place!They were the first onse, who believed in me and who gave me the chance to work with all of you and to meet many great new friends!
Thank you❤️!!
It’s a big pleasure working with you💪

Facility Team

Plamen , Misho , Kolio & Emo -> for the long lasting & successful cooperation that we have, and never ending support that you guys give us.
Arigatō gozaimashita!

Stiliyan Penev

His slack says “Just another Designer” LOL, but that does not begin to cover his superpowers, some of which are: attention to detail, speedy reaction to feedback, spotting places for improvement and suggesting solutions, being chill, meeting deadlines in the midst of intensive campaigns and much more. Keep on rocking :the_horns:

Georgi Kinski

The one and only win I’m gonna give this year goes to our one and only Georgi Kinski. Before I met him, I considered all fitness coaches to possess little knowledge on the gym with limited conversation skills – such were at least the ones I’d had to deal with before. Georgi is nothing like that. He is a very competent coach and a great motivator. When he is absent from the jim, that’s very noticeable. He’d do anything to help you improve your PRs and achieve your goals. Truly dedicated to his work, he is a perfect fit to the company. One more reason to stay and work here.

Svetla Angova

For owning that team switch like a boss – getting back from maternity leave (almost) straight into a totally new role AND ROCKING at it! Way to go, Svetle! 🤘

Marina Yordanova

For her incredible dedication and help when onboarding new people and for knowing all MACO systems inside-out – you are a true master of all trades. ♥️♣️♦️♠️

Ina and Elena

They say women can’t be programmers or can’t write decent code… That is NOT true! I’ve been working with Ina and Elena on several tasks and believe me they know what they’re doing and they do it right! Thank you, and keep up the good work!

Galina Shoteva

Social Media Magician! Thank you for supporting me since day 1 @SiteGround, always doing things in a subtle and elegant way, and willing to help, and for all our delicious conversations!

Nacho Pavlov

I believe I speak on behalf of all of us, thank you for your patience! You are always super helpful and kind! We all know the TV sharing in the meeting rooms only work when you are around. <3

Georgi Kinski

A major WIN for the ultimate fitness MACHINE 🏋️ Thank you for the attention to every single person in the office gym, the constant motivation and for pushing our limits like it’s no big deal.

Dilyana Kodjamanova

For her patience, consistency and care in creating, polishing and sending dozens of last-minute emails. For master use of emojis and references and for generally being a great person to work with 🙌

Bringing smiles to our kids’ faces

Huge shout-out to Dessi, the main actor behind the events on 01 November and the Kids week in Sofia in July. She managed to organize all vendors, keep track of all expenses, and, most importantly – give great ideas and keep our kids engaged and happy. Thank you!