Victoria Vicheva

A win for the brilliant combination of wits, professional dedication, and great communication style you’ve applied to our common projects throughout 2021. Working with you is a delight. You make the saying “Youth is wasted on the young” meaningless.

Iliya Shopov

Iliya from the Affiliates team is a true ally, always there to help and give practical ideas how various processes could be optimised. Thank you for becoming such a valuable member of the A-team in such a short time!

Daniel Bobikov

Great Supervisor and a really cool dude overall, positive and has really good communication with the people under his management which is the key to a good working environment – even though we work from home and some of us are night shifts and are not in the same schedule he still makes us or at least I feel supported whenever I stumble upon an issue

Radostin Pelov

Thanks, mate for all of your help in the past years, always fast, accurate, and positive. Keep up the great work that you do!

Lubo Todorov

For knowing everything and sharing his knowledge with me. And for not saying bad things about me when he was aware I was at the office or joined a call 😀 (just kidding for the second one).

Our sweet office

Regardless of the whole situation in the world, our office feels like an oasis. You can always feel safe while keeping social contacts thanks to the hard work in organizing tests, vaccinations and antibody checks.

WebDev Team

For delivering best quality software throughout the year. For being not only teammates but true friends as well. For keeping the spirit of the team, regardless of all circumstances. You guys rock!

OM team

Everyone in the team from Sofia, PlovEdiv and Stara Zagora – thank you for always being there for us and for your ability to make EVERYTHING happen! 💖

HR Team

Tripple V – Veli, Val, Victor – thank you for making work fun, for resolving ANY types of requests and for being such helpful, cheerful and smart people ❤️

Dima & Reni

I cannot imagine this year without those 2 ladies. Thank you for supporting me and NOT being annoyed by my constant bugging 🙂 (FYI, it will not change in 2022. Hopefully I can thank you again next year). Cheers!

Andreea in Madrid

Thank you for being the best office manager, even when we had to pack the office! Thank you for always following up and making sure all is being done.


We are very lucky that you were able to join our team and become such a valuable member in just a short time! Thank you for your Excel, Testing, Sorting, Shipping and all other skills!


Thank you for being our gentle doctor, the supervisor of our sanitary ninjas, the first smiling face that greets our guests… thank you for taking up so many different jobs and nailing all of them!


I appreciate all that you do – your attitude to work is more than a job and you are always there to contribute to our success. THANK YOU!


Thank you for being part of our success over the years in different teams, and now I am very fortunate to have you in ours. Thank you for all that you do!


I am blown by how quickly and well you have been able to become such a valuable member of our team, even though you have been mostly on your own on our Beroe front! Thank you for your effort, your problem-solving and your proactive approach!


You are an invaluable member of our team – from your creativity, your punctuality, your dedication and always being there. Thank you for all that you do!


I am not sure that you were away for 2 years.
Or what we did without you for that long?
Thank you for getting up to speed so quickly and for taking up so many tasks since you are here!


Whatever the position, Irena will find the way! Thank you for all that you do, and that we can all rely on you.


Have no fear, Maya’s here! Thank you for always greeting us with a huge smile, completing each task in record time, while multi-tasking with at least another 10 tasks in the same time!


Thank you for your smile, your dedication, your readiness to take on any task! You rock <3

The Events Team

For the Events team, who most of 2021 was just Tsveta, but not only managed to survive another rough year, but also thrived! And for Svetla and Rali, who came back from 2 years maternity leave with such energy and enthusiasm that they caught up a years’ work in a month 🙂 I promise you, every year Santa wishes for helpers like you <3

Maria Kolcheva

For her endless dedication and AWESOME work on the End-of-year presentation and event visuals every year! You are an absolute master of design (and deadlines!) and such a cool person to work with! <3


Thank you for your never-ending positivity. You make coming to work each day such a pleasure. <3

Ivelina Koleva

I’m glad we share a desk! ♡
Cheers for the office life and spreading the love around! I’m happy that the office spirit is finally back after Covid 19!

Svetla Angova

Sve – darl, thank you for being so helpful. I had lots of work- related questions (after 2+ years maternity leave) and you are always ready to share info, thanks for helping me get my brain&memory back to normal!

Marina Yordanova

Win for always being ready to help with whatever absurd query we have, never saying no, and being able to dig up ancient details&info for any subject matter :))) Thanks Marinche!

Boryana Stoyanova

For the effort and the willingness when cleaning our office and making our days better. Always taking a good care for the fruits in the office and never keeping us hungry 🙂

Stiliyan Penev

He’s joined us only recently, so my win for him is for helping me with the design of my 2021 Christmas single. He seems to be a person whom is very easi to with and who supports creative ideas. Hope he’ll stay with the company.

Phone Team Ninjas

Thank you for making me laugh & learn new things every day, for allowing me to guide you through some tedious grammar rules, for always keeping your cool even in the eye of the storm. Stay awesome!

The PM Team

For not losing an inch of the team spirit and motivation though we seldom meet in person. Thank you for the 10.30 daily talks and for always being there for each other and all the people from the other teams you work with on your tasks <3

Ivan Karpov

For being always there to talk out the processes that happen to involve both of us, so we can move from reading completely different books to being on the same page.

Monica Dimitrova

For being a super brave person amidst a super hard year, for not being afraid to choose what challenges are right for her and for always staying curious, focused, motivated and super helpful for all her colleagues

Design Team

To all the designers out there: you people always take upon new tasks with enthusiasm and are committed to having a clear vision on what we aim for – super important for successful design and end results! Thanks team <3

Radost and Vicky

Because you both are a key part of the CRM project adventure. I am really glad to have the chance to work closer with you this year. Thanks Radost for always finding the right words to share with our partners and sharing your know-how to dealing with setbacks. And thanks Vicky for your attention to every detail and your ability to turn things as simple as possible for better management.

Reneta Tsankova

Because yo are always an inspiration and an inexhaustible source of knowledge. Thanks for always helping us going in the right direction and for encouraging us to get the best out of each one.

The Design Team

Because you team, are awesome in every design task that we request and you keep always improving and fascinating us with all your creativity even with tight deadlines.
Thanks Boyan, Maria, Mariela, Dani, Sophia, Slavi and Dimitar. You guys are simply awesome.

Mladen Uzunov

Thank you for answering all my stupid questions, your absolute mad knowledge and cheeky workarounds. Even being a bit extortionate (1 beer per question???) you are an amazing colleague, keep rocking!

p.s. I promise I will get you all your beers on our next team building xD

Martin Todorov

Martin from the phone team is a really fine fellow, and it has been a pleasure working with him this year. His SM suggestions are always on point! Respect!

Ivaylo Durmonski ⭐ Ivan Naidenov

I cannot imagine other two people who I could better work with ♡ or “трите крака на триножника.” I genuinely enjoy our laughs, especially when Ivan is learning new words like “дюкме.” Being a team with you two makes me smile every day 🙂

Yanitsa Kaloyanova

For ALWAYS being there for each of us, for sharing all your professional knowledge with us, for all the support you give us and for making finance and accounting teams one whole!!!

For the great YouTube shares, just to make our day a bit better 😊

For all of that and so much more – Thank you, Yani!❤️

The SiteGround Design Team: Magical Unicorns

I am proud that we managed to nurture the source of inspiration to design and to maintain brand identity. We did worked hard to improve every aspect of our work goals-optimization, efficiency, speed, cooperation and responsibility! It is a win for another year that Boyan Todorov keeps encouraging us to become better and better in what we do, so that we do it with pleasure and dedication! Thank you, unicorn ninjas that you make Monday to Friday positive and full of color! 💜

The Design Team

The whole design team aka The Wizards!

Throughout this year I worked more closely with Mariela and Maria and there are no words or actions that can expresses their awesomeness! Also, thank you for still talking to me, I know it’s part of the work, but still.. 😀

Marin Tashkov

Thank you for working on all the strange and complex mass deployment tasks I’ve had during the year – mod_php deployments, global changes to PHP conf, disabling ioncube, changing duplicate domains, etc.

P.S. There will be more such requests in future – we are just starting 😀

Mitaka Kanaliev

Thanks for taking some of the most complicated tasks and digging deep into some really weird code/stuff/shit in order to implement some of the things we had to do. Thanks for diging deep into the Lua Nginx.

Joro Chorbadzhiyski

Thank you for regular sanity checks related to things I want to be implemented. Also thanks for the technical guidance (I think this is a big thanks from the whole Avalon team).

Miro Andreev

Thanks for all the newua support work done during the year. Especially for supporting the webmail setup and testing the new SiteGround Apps Installer.

Ivan Stefanov

Thank you for all the amazing work related to launching those Avalon automatic abuse types. This was an adventure and at the same time really crazy – especially being in the middle of it all. Great project management skills, debugging of edge case and maintenance of the whole thing.

Mihail Gotov

Such a perceptive person is Mihail easygoing, helpful in what he can offer. Thank you for organising the food and the comfort in the restaurant this year.

Idelin Todorov

This year the work and collaboration with Idelin was so easy and helpful, also innovative. Can’t wait to see what we can do together in the future. Big Win and thanks! 🙂

Georgi Chorbadzhiyski

A cold blooded professional. Love working with you – always on point with zero bs. and bureaucracy. Thanks for bringing me on board of yet another exciting company!

Lubo Todorov

Not only because he’s the Greatest QA on the Balkans, but also because he’s my favorite web developer! I love doing QA work in his tasks and sometimes I even make code reviews of his commits 🙂

Victor Fachev

For helping Andreea and I so much during our “adventure” when trying to attend the Arte Festival from Spain. Your help, (plus Andreea’s nationality) were key to make it!


For always being there to give a hand when needed, your professionalism on everything you do and for always managing to make me smile with any of your jokes or memes.


Thank you Nikola for all your help with our content creation, your quick and insightful feedback and for being such a big reference on SEO… I have learnt so much from you this year!


Because you have faced a year of big changes for you with great strength and diligence while keeping rocking as always as the Head of Marketing of the Spanish team.


Because you are never run out of battery nor lose your smile, no matter how many (difficult) challenges our Madrid office had to face this and past year.


A big win for you Rumi, because I love the dedication you put on every project, your fresh ideas and your willingness to always help. And on top of that, your big heart towards animals ❤️ 🐶 🐈


A big thank you to Dima for giving me the opportunity to be part of the amazing branding team and make me feel close no matter how many kms of distance are between Sofia and Madrid.

Sanitary Officer Boryana Stoyanova

For her special dedication – she noticed I was bringing myself a jug of water before starting work every day, and started putting one full jug waiting for me on my desk every morning. Thank you for making my day!

Mihail Gotov

He just rocks, that’s all – with his crew in the restaurant, the cafe, the office or out-of-office catering, he makes it all seem so easy, but it’s a lot of effort behind the scenes.

WP Developers Team

A big thank you for taking me in the team and giving me a chance! <3

The months spend with you were amazing, full of challenges, a lots and lots of laughs and new things learned every day.

The WP Developers

For growing as a team and dropping some amazing plugins! All of this while managing to stay friendly, positive and very specific about their acceptable brands of cars.

P.S. I forgive you for replacing me with the new model 😛

The WINs site team

Thanks for the team for putting this site together in-between all the serious business: Hristo & Stanimir (tech), Bobi & Dani (design), and Svetla & Tsveta (task & testing).