To the CCare team

A big thank you to the whole team.

@2020 guys – thank you for jumping into the unknown and strange situation with enthusiasm and desire to do your job to the best of your abilities.

@”old-timers” – thank you for showing us once more why you are an integral part of the team and making our newer team members feel the team spirit, even when we are away from the office.

Tech Suppot c2a team

For working diligently day and night, helping us improve the entire migration process, overcome dead end situations and doing it all in good spirits. No c2a migrations would have been possible without you ๐Ÿ™‚

Kiril Ivanov

I want to say a big thank you to my Team Leader. Thank you for the kindness and patience with which you’ve always answered every question I have had ( and we both know they were a lot). Thank you for all the help you’ve given me and the knowledge you have shared. ๐Ÿ™‚

Viktor Todorov and Idelin Todorov

โ€ฆand everyone who is or will be involved in the 3DS integration project! The magic you are doing is similar to the project managers’ dream –ย nineย women to be able to deliver a baby in one month to meet the deadline. And in our case, we do not even have these nine ladies! Thanks for the great job you did within such a short time frame!

The Food Team

For their dedication and hard work, for the super delicious food and last but not least – for the fact that despite some difficulties and challenging moments, we have always managed to end the day with a healthy dose of humour and laughter. It was a pleasure working with you on this project. Thank you!

The WP Musketeers

You guys have been super quick and adaptive to deliver on the projects that we have had this year, so you deserve a special mention. And some of you can even lift 100 KG already!

SiteGround Management

I was so proud & amazed with SG for all that care and effort to keep us and our families safe and sound.
Motivation comes from within, and everyday tasty food helped a lot!
Best work needed the best communication- and we succeeded in that too!
We managed to find time for optimizing our workflow and here the win goes to Boyan Todorov, for being super consistent to keep the Design team stay together and motivated!
And last but not least- our design team workstations update was the best present before Christmas! That made me feel like the happiest girl in the world looking forward to new challenging, brilliant design work to be done! Thank you!

Reni, Ivo & Tenko

In the beginning of the year, after we did the first night skiing, you asked me to do it a week later again. I said I could organize it, but wonโ€™t take part because my wife was on a business trip (remember those?) and I have to look after the kids in the evening. Later, I was asked to come to your office. I was hesitant about what will come, but there you were, smiling and like โ€œAnd what if we do it early in the morning?โ€ ๐Ÿ˜€ Apart from being funny, it really burnt in my head that if you really want something, it is up to you to achieve it. Thanks for your drive, your vision, the care that you bring to all of us – from employees to customers to society. It is really an honor to be part of this all and raise the bar every day!

Andreea in Madrid

I canโ€™t believe itโ€™s been just a few months that you have been part of the team – so much has happened so far! Thank you for your ideas and following through – you have been able to become a great part of the team.

Ina Gerginska in Plovdiv

I am grateful for you picking up your new role, so quickly and creating and completing so many spreadsheets, so that we can follow through our work. You have managed to build strong bonds and I am very happy that you are part of the team!

Irena, Ivelina & Veli

We have hired more than 230 people this year – thank you for driving the process from sourcing to hiring to document signing. Thank you for the high quality and for helping in all other projects this year, despite the drama ๐Ÿ˜€ YOU ARE AMAZING

Dima, Geri & Rumi

When I look at 2020 and all that we achieved, it is always a true effort. But a special thanks goes to you in the Branding team, that supported & often drove the change – from site, to newsletter, to internal commโ€™s, designs, organization…itโ€™s a long list. I am thankful for listening and adapting, and evolving to what we have. And for always staying positive! THANK YOU

The Design Team

It’s been a challenging year working apart, but I am so thankful to my team mates for always giving a damn, helping out and being extremely patient! Every joke counts, every idea, advice, and every struggle shared and heard during each day! Thank you for being as you are! <3 See you soon!

SiteGround Management

Thank you for all the care and attention, and the hard decisions you had to make to keep us all healthier and happier still. You amaze me every year, but this one made me especially proud to be on the team, with everything you did and continue doing for the team, our families, and the society – from the small gestures to the big ones โค๏ธ

All SG Parents

For all parents who had (and will have) to work and keep an eye on a toddler this year…
It is tough, but I aggressively believe in you! You are stronger than you think, and we’ll get through this somehow… sane or insane.

The SiteGround Company

BIG WIN for SiteGround, I guess, this year. We managed to switch gears and go fully remote work. We did super fast reaction and measures about the COVID-19 pandemic situation. FREE food for all of us (where you can find that!?) and still managed to hire people to grow…, and etc. Thanks to every person involved in those good vibes! ๐Ÿ™‚

The PM Team

Moni, Vladi, Vicky, Cvet — thank you for nailing it during this whole difficult year. For never losing the focus and motivation, though it was so much easier to get lost in the circumstances. And above all for never losing the human touch and for making the extra effort to keep the communication in and outside the same as if you could just pop up on someone’s desk as in the good before-covid days!

Our Precious Design Team

When we switched to remote mode, I wasn’t sure how we’ll be able to work, since I was so used to stopping by your corner a couple of times a day. But you are even better without me around ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for all the lovely designs and inspiration, and for always doing your best to understand what’s in my head and make it real and even prettier. It’s truly a pleasure to work with all of you – Maria, Sophie, Mary, Dani, Slavi, Mitaka, and the ruler of them all, Bobi. <3

Victoria Vicheva

A true SiteGround email postmaster – whenever we have an urgent email to send, she’s always ready to help and has a meticulous eye for details. If you ever need to email Santa and his helpers, I’m sure she knows how to get their emails sorted, check them twice, and send it ๐Ÿ™‚

Billing Team & Didi

First of all, coming back after maternity leave is never easy, but coming back to home office is even harder. Thanks to my amazing team (including all the new people on it – Lily, Ivan, Stoyan, Nadya) it was a bit easier and more comfortable. Didi, you are another thing – thanks for walking me through every change that’s happened these two years, for helping me get back on track <3 You are the best, guys!

Sales Supervisors

It’s great to work with people who motivate you to grow more and more and “push” you to become even better in what you do, not to mention the support with any inquiry I’ve ever had even before I’ve started working in the Sales team. They’ve picked the wrong football club to support, rather than that they are both great and have an amazing approach to our team ๐Ÿ™‚
Thank you for everything!


For the timely reaction to Covid-19, for the generosity and all the support to so many affected by the pandemic! Thank you! I am really proud to be a part of this company and say it is a place, I feel, I truly belong! <3

Leonid Gorunov

For a second year, I’d like to say a big THANK YOU! to my team leader who was helping me a lot through the entire year no matter how annoying probably I have been. :)))) Thanks for the patience and understanding!

To everyone involved in Hiring, Training or Mentoring SIX customer care GROUPS this year!!!

This has been one crazy year, right?

I want to take this moment to recognize the efforts of every person involved in the process of hiring, training, or mentoring SIX customer care GROUPS this year! While this is a challenge on its own, doing that entirely remotely is a whole different category of professionalism. <3

Thank you all for the dedication, for the devotion, and most of all for keeping your cool and proving to everyone that SiteGround operates on another level!

The PM daily meetings

It’s the 20 minutes that cheer me up and get me ready for the day ahead. Thank you, sweet people, for making lockdown, working from home and every little (and not so little) hurdle I’ve been through in the past year bearable. Truly the best team to be in. <3

Angel Naichev

We started working together (3 months apart) back in 2014 over the chat, then in the phone team and even now, when he is tech team member, one of my remarkable shifts were with him. Thank you for being there, that makes even the hard times easier ๐Ÿ™‚

CCare management and director

Thank you for helping me with everything related to the latest news we got with Alen (and not just that!) and making this period as pleasant for me, as possible, for being so kind and generous, and for all the good work you’ve done for the team during this year!

Gergana Zhecheva

For the one and only Geri, who helped us in navigating the treacherous waters we call Social Media. For putting a smile on the faces of many clients through clever words and for making us all laugh with her unique sense of humor. Peace, Hydrohomie!


For active participation in the fight against Covid-19 and the support of so many organisations in need. I have never been happier and more proud to be part of such great company.

The Design team

For turning loads of Google docs. pages into such awesome ebooks that now thousands of people are enjoying, as well as delivering great video pieces that now nurture our IGTV. Special thanks to Maria and Daniela for your patience!


For being always willing to help, spreading such a good mood over the team, being such an important part of the growth of our ES Youtube channel during this year and for your master use of gifs and memes XD