The Marketing Team 🌟

Cheers for a year of perfectly executed campaigns! 🪄 From start to finish, every project is a symphony of coordination and seamless communication. Working with such an outstanding marketing team is an absolute pleasure! ❤️

the PPC Team

Shout-out to our PPC rockstars – Petya and Misho for boosting our social media posts even on weekends (or after hours)! Thank you for helping us reach the right audience every time. You make every click count! 🌟

Todor Savov

I remember the day we started working together and damn, what a journey it’s been during these 10 years! ^_^ Thank you for always being so calm, for all the times you have helped me during these years, for the times you’ve motivated me when I needed it, for being such an awesome friend and colleague! You’ll do awesome ahead, you’ll see <3 I'm proud of you!

Kuzman Stoyanov

I believe I am speaking for everyone when I say – Thank you for always being ready to help out and for sharing your knowledge in the best and most understandable way. Thank you for always being positive. Thank you for always taking responsibility. You are a great and important part of the Support team and it would not be the same without you!

PM team

I am really lucky to have the chance to work with all of you! The way you help each other, your dedication to each project and the way you work with all other people makes you a dream team, I am proud to be a part of.

Vili and His Custom Coffees – Our New Religion

Big WIN to Vili for handling every espresso and it’s variations such care and speed, always indulging every little caprice. Milk, no milk, almond milk, ristretto, macchiato, hot chocolate, you name it, you get the 5-star coffee treatment. Thank you! We could not fully function every day without your efforts in front of the coffee altar :)

Кrasi & His Front-End JS Team of Magicians

An absolute WIN to Krasi and the boys who made the Recap 2023 web page happen! Your dedication to this project was incredible! Before one has even finished dreaming and designing it, they had already written the code! And patiently indulging every whim and idea one might come up with. Thank you! You’re the fastest, best, bester and bestest :D ! <3

Maria Ilieva

For her dedicaton to test new features before release, for teaching me how to edit my host file, and for every time when she took her laptop and went to the devs corner to tell them something was not exactly how she was requested it, FEARLESS!

Lily and PMs

Behind every successful project (promotion, landing page, new product release, etc.) there is a PM who has not just helped but got a lot of things done! Win for all PMs on the 6th floor who are juggling with all SiteGround-related tasks, knowing in detail all internal and client-facing platforms and always making it look so easy when it is actually not easy at all.

Lubo Todorov

For being the bravest man at the Sofia Office, who had been coming to the PM corner on the 6th floor, unarmed! Of course, he had been coming only when everything worked ok. But could not be any way different because this year everything had been working well all the time.

Stiliyan Penev

To the email design master and to the coolest office friend anyone could ask for. Kudos to your ability to read my mind when I explain in the most confusing way how I imagine the design and turning every marketing thought into a piece of art. Thanks for your dedication, for not EVER complaining about the tight deadlines, for all your help with the Black Friday emails this year and for always saying “Let’s do this!” in the face of any task, big or small. You are a true rockstar!

Sofia Football team

Shout out to everyone playing football on Wednesdays, and everyone who participated in the tournaments we attended this year. We could’ve done better, but then again – we have better winning record than the Bulgarian national team for 2023. Keep it up – we go again next year ⚽️

The OM team

Every one of you possesses a unique superpower, and together, you complement one another perfectly! 🥷

Searching for the definition of a team on Google might as well return your names as a result. 🤘


SiteGround Kids Summer Academy Team

BIG WIN for the masterminds behind the project! 🦄

Coordinating the organization across all our office locations presented challenges, yet nothing is rewarding as a child’s smile! 🧸

My heartfelt gratitude goes out to all participants in the project for turning our vision into reality!

We dreamed it, and we succeeded in bringing it to life 💚

Desislava Shindarska

For her never-ending energy, passion and brilliant ideas. Always planning carefully and down to the smallest.
I am almost sure, that If there is something that travels faster than the speed of light, it should be definitely Dessy racing on her tasks 😊
Show her briefly how does a pivot table works, sit back and just watch…

George Penkov

For believing in me! Hope you didn’t regret this decision at any time during this year. We learned a lot together this year and I believe we will continue to do so.

The sleeper has awaken, and now the spice must flow!

Desislava Koleva

For the growth she has made during the last year and working really good on the Mail Marketing project despite constantly moving between projects this year. She was really brave during the deploys and really supportive during the bug fixing. It was a really good performance

Kiril Tsankov

Always proactive, sometimes with too much energy and having a lot of ideas how to improve the Email Marketing. Keeps us from taking the wrong decisions and always trying to help. Good Math skills as well ;)

Daniel Mihaylov

Working with Dani made me understand how good the SG Support team is actually as he was really well organized and prepared for the job. Always trying to be helpful and doing a really good job as an Automation QA, he even did the skeleton of the project tests all by himself.

Misho Gotov

The ultimate partner in crime for putting together every SiteGround internal event, big or small. You can rely on him for everything – from the food, drinks, music, to negotiating like The Godfather, or sweet-talking the local Fire Department without losing his cool even for a second – Misho, I am so thankful for all your help and dedication!


🌟 Not only on top of the game in Italy but also the best guide ever! Thank you for making another Italian mini team building a smooth and memorable experience!

Georgi Dimitrov

Shoutout for being the coolest roomie and literally the best hype man that everyone needs in their life, so they can keep rockin’

Жорка, не спирай да гориш! 🔥🤘🏻

Office Hygienists

A warm thanks to all our lovely bees, that are buzzing all day long, taking care of us for a healthier and spotless free environment.

You gals are unstoppable, smoothie-sweet, tea-ly flavored and fruity tasteful.

Thank you is not enough! So thank you again!

Office Managers

You gals are rock solid. For real!

I can’t imagine what’s like to handle so much. and so diverse tasks, being responsible for the well being of so many people, organizing events, travels, office and so on.

What I know and what I see is that no matter what is the request, you will get it done in such a professional way that it will make our problems go away.

Thank you for making our life easier, and thank you for making every office feels like home <3

The Customer Care Team

I want to thank all of the Customer Care Team members for their hard work during this year and I hope that we continue to grow together – both on a professional and personal level.

I know that it is not easy to turn each interaction into a positive experience for our customers, but you are very successful in doing that, so keep on rocking!

Monika Vodenicharova

For her grace, style, and compassionate heart, I enthusiastically nominate Monika Vodenicharova. She recently saved a dog named Rex, injured in a car accident, by organizing medical care and inspiring a community to help. Monika’s actions exemplify empathy and kindness, making her a truly deserving candidate for this year’s win.

Big Ups to Our QA Rockstars!

A huge THANK YOU to all our QA champs. You guys have been on fire this year!

You’ve been our eagle-eyed bug hunters, making sure our users only get the best. It’s a tough job, but you guys make it look easy.

Your knack for spotting the tiniest issues and your “no bug is getting past me” attitude is what keeps our products top-notch. We see the hours you put in, the bugs you catch, and the dedication you show to our team.

Your work is the safety net that keeps us going, and we couldn’t do it without you.

Huge Props to Our Frontend Dev Superstars!

Lets give a massive SHOUT-OUT to all our Frontend developers.
You’ve turned complex designs into beautiful, user-friendly interfaces, pulled off some late-night coding sessions, and made our products look and feel top-notch. We know it’s a tough gig, but believe us, your hard work shines through every pixel.
Your work is the first thing our users see and interact with, and you’ve made sure it’s nothing short of amazing. The countless hours you put in, the seamless interfaces you create, and your dedication to our team are all part of what makes our products so loved by our users.
So, here’s to all of you! We can’t wait to see the incredible things you’ll code next year. Let’s look forward to more coding, more problem-solving, and even more of the fantastic teamwork that makes us who we are!

Big Shout-Out to Our Backend Dev Heroes!

Just wanted to take a moment to say a massive THANK YOU to all our backend developers. You guys have been absolutely smashing it this year!

Throughout the year, you’ve faced numerous challenges, solved complex problems, and worked tirelessly to ensure our systems run smoothly and efficiently. Your expertise and dedication have been the backbone of our success, and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Your adaptability and thirst for learning new tech stuff is seriously impressive. No task is too big or too small for you guys, and your “can-do” attitude is what makes our team so special.

We see those long hours you put in, the innovative solutions you come up with, and the dedication you show to our team. Even though your work is often behind the scenes, it’s the rock-solid foundation that keeps us going.

So, here’s a big virtual high-five to you all! We can’t wait to see what you’ll pull off next year. Here’s to more coding, more problem-solving, and more awesome teamwork!

The PR Magician Vili 🪄🦄

For going viral with your campaigns 🎀 (and you know they are viral when even your parents have seen them), for being my forever partner in crime 👯‍♀️, and last but not least – for never getting tired of correcting people when they tag @SiteGround instead of @SiteGroundLife 🤭

Весела Колаксъзова

Искам да изразя благодарността си към вас,эа начина по който успешно ръководите екипа,отделяте време да изслушва те мислите и тревогите ми,винаги влизате във положение, така аэ се
чувствам оценена и това ме мотивира да си върша работата с желание.

Valentina Kozhuharova

This Barbie is the bomb! :boom:

And she really is. Thank you for keeping a clear head in moments where all of us needed someone to do it and thank you for supporting me through thick and thin this year.

All the love, sweets and secret stash of coca-cola for you <3

Our Very Own Legal Team

I used to dread working with Legal but this is now all in the past. This year you have been nothing short of amazing! Thank you for helping us navigate through compliance, laws and regulations we can barely grasp and for always finding time for last-minute requests.

P.S. I fully expect you to find some issue with this win as it surely violates something or other. And at this point, I’m happy to let you :P

Весела Колаксъзова

Да си ръководител не е за всеки,но ти си призвана за това! Ти си нашата упора,нашият ментор и нашата мотивация да работим по-старателно и с голямо желание!

Весела Колаксъзова

Моят пряк ръководител, която винаги е добронамерена,креативна,отговорна и сплотяваща екипа.Благодаря ти,Весе за мотивацията, с която идвам с желание и усмивка на работа. 😍

The Tech Support Team

For being:
– the best customer facing technical representatives in the industry
– a constant flow of fresh professionals to other teams in the company
– amazing personalities and always fun to be around

CCare people

Big kudos to the CCare management and SVs for your support and guidance throughout all those years. Also, thank you to my colleagues for making those challenging shifts so much fun!
Keep on rocking 🤘😎

PM team

A big thank you for welcoming me aboard! It’s surely an exciting journey! Special shoutout to Lilly for this incredible opportunity to learn and bring my A-game. To Cvet, Mimeto, Vladi & Ivo – your support and willingness to answer all my questions have been awesome – thanks a bunch!

Capo di tutti capi a.k.a Hristo Pandjarov

I wanted to express my appreciation for your remarkable leadership in our e-commerce department. Your visionary approach, adaptability, and unwavering dedication have been vital to our success. Your leadership style and commitment to excellence are truly inspiring. Keep up the excellent work!

Sun Dance Sky Crew

A huge shout out to the incredible Team Fest organizers! The epic fest will be long remembered as a truly legendary core memory.
Thank you for bringing us all together for an unforgettable experience!
#TeamFestHeroes 💚