Raya Stoilova

Thank you Raya for all your hard work and efforts to make life of our affiliate partners easier by working on various projects across multiple teams within the company! Admirations for all your energy and dedication!

George Penkoff

Thank you for introducing new challanging procedures, always pushing everybody from the dev team to improve their skillset and achieve better codebase quality. Thank you for introducing the workbench in order to unify the development and testing environment. Kudos Penkuchi 🙂

The Sales Team!

It’s both a pleasure and a privilege to work with so talented, unique and motivated people. So many strong individuals that work even better as a team! Thank you all for being awesome!

Stan & Miro

Maria Grudeva

No matter what it is, Maria is always there for you. This year, she helped with so many things to make my life a lot easier. Maria is absolutely tireless and she deserves many good things under the xmas tree ^_^

Wilkins Morales

A big high five for Wilkins! There is no event that can resist him. No matter if it is a WC, a meetup, a Marketing event or our Adictos, he has everything in mind to make it happen, making sure all goes smoothly.

Laura Curto

Always willing to go one step beyond to improve and deliver the best results. Your ability to adapt and perform greatly in different areas is amazing, from affiliates, Social Media, organising Adictos, writing content and so on. And everything with a smile and a huge positive vibe. I am so glad of having you in the team! Thank you Laura!! <3

The Design Team Projects

Our amazing redesigned website with optimized performance & speed along with a very well structured Style Guide, our own icons set, the new UA, new concept for our visuals, awesome promo campaigns, tons of branded materials- from venues branding to clothes – all these as a result of a team work that rocks! Thank you for keeping the good sence of humor! L♡ve you all!

Luca Rodino

For being a true soldier, a one-man-army! For handling everything like a boss and for doing it all with a smile and positive vibes! A true SiteGround rockstar (and supermodel) <3

The Events Team

This won’t sound modest at all, but I think we’re the definition of “team”. @Stasi, Didi & Wilkins – each and every one of you is initiative, proactive, responsible, hard-working, and fun. Knowing that I can blindly count on all of you is indeed a WIN. I am super proud of us and thankful to you! <3

SysAdmin Department

If you want to have a job done and done well, it needs to be done by a team of members, not just a member in a team… You guys are amazing! I couldn’t not have done it without you! I love you! It is such a joy to work with you everyday!!!

Maria Grudeva

Big thanks to Mims- my partner in crime, my other half (of the desk) and the person who provides me with chocolate during the hardest times! <3 Thanks for helping me with all kind of crazy situations that we have been through. I am blessed to work with you!

Veli and Valeto

I would like to give a huge thanks to Veli and Valeto for all the support, patience and advices. Not only are you my colleagues, but you are my mentors and friends. I am so grateful for all I learned from you (and still learning). Thank you for being there for me!

Yanitsa and Milena

Yani for always sharing her knowledge with us, giving us the right solutions and staying positive even in tough times. Milenka for her patience, rational thinking and readiness to always give you an advice (work and non-work related 🙂 ). And together, both of them for choosing the perfect Finance and Accounting team members <3

Diana Mitova and Tsveta Stefanova

For being an amazingly diligent and awfully responsible people. I feel extremely grateful and confident being in your team because of you both, and I know that I can count on you for every struggle I face. I’d like to wish you feel the same. Being a team player is extremely vital doing what we do and I hope we keep it up this way in the future. <3 <3 <3

Maria Grudeva

I can’t tell you what she did, because she does literally everything for us, from having our paperwork all set and ready just to be signed, always taking care of us, prepping us fresh snacks( HUGE props for cutting the pomelo all the time).. She is the true definition of a gem 🙂 Thank you!

Dima Peteva <3

To Dima, for being always a cheerful, helpful, thoughtful, and genuinely super cool person! You are the best team leader I could ask for! Thank you for the patience and support every single day. ❤️????

Office Managers

Stefani, Maya, Bozhena, Maria, Yana, Zaida – ???? A BIG WIN FOR YOU! ????

You are always going the extra mile, above and beyond the call of duty, and this has truly helped to ensure that SiteGround is a great place to be! ????

Thank you for your hard work ???? and great ideas ???? throughout the year!

Anton Turbinov

I am so lucky that I was assigned to work with Anton as a supervisor. Thank you for all the vital information you have shared with me, for all the help, elaborations and being so patient!

QA Team

Valya, Vitanov, Jimmy, Lubo T., Maya, Turmanov, Niki H., Ceci , Troev, Ogi – for handling all urgent “We need to release it today or tomorrow” . For putting in doubt requirements and making everything clear when nobody asked the relevant question in before. For being safety net for developers and answering with patience to “Are you sure it is a bug?” every day. For taking responsibility and accepting all the negatives that comes with the fact we are QAs. For handling all the pressure in the final stages of projects when all the buffers are completely used up and everyone is looking at us to make things go to production on time.

You are true heroes in the Siteground universe.


Maggie is another designer whose desk happen to be close to mine so I very often look at her monitor. She asked me not to uncover what she does so I’ve promised to keep secret. A very talented and charming person, I call her ‘Sunny Maggie’

Mariela Hristova

I don’t work with her but her desk is very close to mine so I frequently give a sneak peek at what she’s doing at the moment. A girl with a style, she creates beautiful things.

Lubo Todorov

For managing on his own a huge team of QAs, knowing everything about all the ongoing projects and committing more code than developers at the same time. Kudos, Lubo!

Nikolay Todorov

Kudos for having the whole big picture in his head. Every time you need clarification, he’s got the ready answer for you. Doesn’t matter if it is in the dev’s, ops’ or PM’s field. You Rock!

Niki Todorov

We teamed up to coordinate the development and release of the most ambitious internal software projects ever, and we pulled it off! We had an incredible bonding experience the last two years, especially when overcoming the bad times. He always listens to facts and reason, and has a realistic, down to earth decision making process. Exactly what I imagine a person in his shoes to be like. Win!

Ivaylo Ganev

My original travel mate: he was the first person I went to an event to, on my first assignment for SiteGround. Since then we went to quite a few together and shared some fun meals. Always patient, always smiling.
Can’t wait to see what next year will bring you and on what stages I will see you (nudge, nudge) ♥

Ivan Yordanov

For adventuring out to Asia on a crazy 2 nights round trip (ah to be young!), making a splash as a speaker, so much that he was invited back to speak at more events in the region. Asia, here we come!

Doroteya Hadzhigeorgieva

My favorite roommate (although it was very hard to pick because Plemena and Radost are awesome too). I can’t remember when was the last time I fell asleep whilst chatting with a girlfriend. Thank you for reminding me of how great sleepovers were in high school!

Rebeca Monge and Miguel Díaz

For being so helpful, and always with a smile, with aaaaall the tweets, blog, facebook or instagram comments, technical questions of affiliates, client reviews,… that needed that tech knowledge or review to be answered.Thank you guys!

Wilkins Morales

For your awesome work and excellent organisation with (aaall of the) Spanish events and never losing your great mood and sense of humor.
And also a big THANK YOU for your top Instagram tips and for helping me cutting my meal when my wrists were not working properly! 🙂

Stanimir Stoyanov

Extremely skilled and ultra fast improving code maniac. I bet it is hard to spend your time far from all your colleagues and miss all pleasant moments in our office. And maybe even harder to work with @hristo.p all day long. That makes him a tough guy with a lot of respect earned.

Boyan Todorov

Being an excellent example to follow is a hard task. But here is the proof that is achievable. Always focused, always in condition, generating new ideas per second and managing 3 types of workflow at the same time – Graphic Design, Web Design and Frond-end. Totally deserved win!

Pavlin Iliev

He is a great person, always willing to help. I was doing my first night shift last month and he has helped me a lot. He was calm even though he was speaking with multiple people at once.

Workshop leads @SiteGround Team Fest

Thank you to all AMAZING workshop leads during this year’s team festival, who volunteered their time to have fun and invested it in sharing skills and more fun for the whole team. Mihail Irinchev, Hristo Pandjarov, Laura Martin, Marian Marinov and his DevOps workshop leads, Angel Shtiliyanov, Deyan, Georgi Velev, Yani Ivanov, and the MCs: Francesca Marano, Daniel Kanchev, and Hristo Pandjarov (again:) ????

Miro and Plami

This one is for Miro and Plami from Stara Zagora, you’re two of the hardest working people I know. I really admire your enthusiasm, and productivity. Keep inspiring! Just remember to stop every now and then, and take a break. 😉

Ivailo Nikolov

Thank you from the entire team for the support, and guidances throughout the years. You’re really a dream boss, and personally I am glad to be part of the team. Keep up keeping on! 😀

Diana Mitova

For her masterful battle with the archaic structures of NDK and Sofia city parking services to make sure everyone gets comfortably and enjoys our End-of-year activities.

Yanislav and Yordan

This one goes for Yanislav and Yordan, the two Ys of our team who are always ready to help with the mundane, even if they have a bunch of ultra special custom tasks on their hand. And of course for all the tips and experience sharing through the years. Thank you guys!

Ivan Karpov

For being the embodiment of the many-handed Hindu god Vishnu. Not sure how you manage to do all the things that you do, however I believe that I speak from the entire Sysadmin team when I say that things would be a lot more difficult (if not impossible) if it wasn’t for you! 😉

Ilina Dobreva

For brightening up any room she’s ever in with her endless positivity and bringing this attitude into her work. It’s such a rare pleasure to work with someone like you, who tackles any task with a smile and persistence, and makes it look easy and effortless in the end.

Lubo T

This one is for Marto Velikov as well – for being so close to beat me and Stefanov in Belot this year. So close that for a second they though they’ll get away with a victory. But I admit they made it difficult for us – there will be more chances guys, keep working!

Zhivko Angelov

Always being active on the football pitch – never runs from a challenge even if he needs to sacrifice his glasses. Hard work pays off Zhivko, Ballon D’or 2026 will be for you if you continue this way

Daniel Kanchev

For being a great example, always understanding and ready to give an advice. For making our job more interesting and trying to do whatever needed so that we can enjoy what we do:)

Mihail Irintchev

He always finds time to help, to give advice no matter how many tasks he has. Constantly helping everybody improving their coding and soft skills. For being this awesome guy who changes the mood in the office from “I have work to do” to “Damn, lets build and improve the most awesome system so that our grand kids would be proud of us”. Thank you, Misho!

Lily and the PMs

It sounds like a rock band and it really is! It’s the best team to be in, with the most caring, attentive and humane leader a person can ask for.

Lily, thank you for being understanding, encouraging and open to our individual peculiarities. Thank you for carefully selecting not only smart and capable, but genuinely good people in our team. People you’re not only grateful to work with, but to be friends with, too.

Victoria Vicheva

For not being afraid, from day one of joining the PM team to get involved in some of the most complex financial projects we do! Vicky, you are a real asset, as finance people would put it:)

Vladimir Taulov

For patiently covering most of the non new user area and site tools day-to-day tasks, so that regardless of the importance of the two biggest projects this year, we were able to continue to deliver other things with high quality too.

Monika Dimitrova

For being wholeheartedly involved and going the extra mile in everything she does. She is an inspiring example of endless curiosity and positive attitude. Moni, thank you for making my life easier (and I do not mean only the vacuum bot you recommended:)

Iskra Rasheva

For her impressive and tireless work on writing down the requirements for the new User Area. She even managed to squeeze all “cPanel in new UA” JIRA stories in the last moment before she is off on her maternity leave!

Design Team

Being a part of that cool team feels joyous and exciting. There is a special feeling when your teammates are working towards the same goal as you – you’re able to share in the camaraderie, as well as the achievements.

Monika Dimitrova

For her and her team’s amazing work on improving the accessibility of our Client Area and Site Tools ! Such an inspiring project, executed with care and empathy!

the A-Team <3

Cos’ you are all so f’ing amazing and dedicated in what you do!!! And it’s 10pm and we are working together, and helping each other, and laughing …and we probably won’t win but WE! ARE! AWESOOOOME! 😀

Idelin Todorov

For constantly trying to help improve our skills and helping everybody with the Symfony Problems that occurs, Always trying to help and always being there to help everybody. Thank you

Mihail Irintchev

He is the best team leader I’ve ever had, but also one the best people I know. Thank you for the support during the harsh times and also for just being a human who deserves to be called a wonderful person.Also for the beer knowledge and always making our day better.

SiteGround HQ

I was watching from the window every day while you were being built and before I knew it you were ready to become our new home. Thanks for the inspiration to strive to grow and be better people, to think responsibly about nature and to appreciate all the little things that improved when we moved in and enjoyed more comfortable space and areas to work and have fun together ????♻️????

Bozhena Stancheva and Stefani Ilieva

Hey, girls ! Thank you for being close to me and being there for me every time I need help during the day! Bozhena, thank you for playing music I’ve never heard before but I discover like ???? . Stef , thank you for always giving me chocolate when I need it. Each one of you brings different and cool things to our working days and I am really happy and pleased you are on my team for many reasons ????????

Ana García

For continuing being an example to follow, her constant support, being the first SiteGround speaker in Japanese WordCamps… and surviving to them!

Stanimira Ivanova & the Team Festival crew

To Stasi, for being thrown in the deep waters straight after coming back from maternity leave as an event project lead of the Team Festival, without ever having attended one herself, and for doing an excellent job, while keeping cool AND kind, all the way. <3 And for the whole team, who gave their best, helped and sticked to each other no matter what: Tsveta, Diana, Maya Nikolova, Maya Stoyanova, Misho Gotov, Valentin V., Gandi, Krum, Krasi, Anton, Wilkins. Let's do it again this year!

My Team Building Team

From day one, you guys stood as a Team, and never for once backed off from my ideas and planning, even though sometimes they were not the smoothest ones. For me you are a dream team, and I wouldn’t change you for the world.
Big <3 for Misho, Valio, Dima, Diana, Gandi, Tsveta, Maya x2 , Svetla, Krum, Wilkins, Toni

Mihail Gotov

For not saying “It can’t be done” even once, no matter how crazy or last-minute our ideas are. And for doing everything with ease and a sense of humour.

Francesca Marano

For being a general superwoman and the Lead Coordinator of the release of the latest WordPress 5.3 version on the side, like it’s a small thing. (IT’S A BIG THING!)