Valentina Hadzhiyska

For everything she did during the 3D Integration Project so far. Staying up late with me and being there in the weekends as well, keeping the things working. For the patience she had when I broke everything more than once and keeping the moral high during these dark times for everyone involved in the project. We wouldn’t stand a chance without her help, so I can honestly say that Valia is Siteground! Bravo Valia! Thank you!

Lubomir Todorov

For being there always during these dark times. Helping, even debugging our code and keeping us from being stupid. Thank you for everything you did for 3D Integration Project. A good friend and big Manchester Fan! Thank you, Lubo!

Idelin Todorov

For the trust you have in my skills and always trying to keep my temper under control, which is not an easy task sometimes. Remarkable developer and a friend for so many years now. Thank you!

Philip Lesov

Many of us don’t always recognize this, but Phil is the youngest developer in our team. Nevertheless he did remarkable work with chat refactoring and in my opinion is making the biggest progress in terms of programming.

Idelin Todorov

For constantly trying to help improve our skills and helping everybody with the Symfony Problems that occurs, Always trying to help and always being there to help everybody. Thank you

Mihail Irintchev

He is the best team leader I’ve ever had, but also one the best people I know. Thank you for the support during the harsh times and also for just being a human who deserves to be called a wonderful person.Also for the beer knowledge and always making our day better.