The WP Musketeers

You guys have been super quick and adaptive to deliver on the projects that we have had this year, so you deserve a special mention. And some of you can even lift 100 KG already!

Reni, Ivo & Tenko

In the beginning of the year, after we did the first night skiing, you asked me to do it a week later again. I said I could organize it, but won’t take part because my wife was on a business trip (remember those?) and I have to look after the kids in the evening. Later, I was asked to come to your office. I was hesitant about what will come, but there you were, smiling and like “And what if we do it early in the morning?” 😀 Apart from being funny, it really burnt in my head that if you really want something, it is up to you to achieve it. Thanks for your drive, your vision, the care that you bring to all of us – from employees to customers to society. It is really an honor to be part of this all and raise the bar every day!

Andreea in Madrid

I can’t believe it’s been just a few months that you have been part of the team – so much has happened so far! Thank you for your ideas and following through – you have been able to become a great part of the team.

Ina Gerginska in Plovdiv

I am grateful for you picking up your new role, so quickly and creating and completing so many spreadsheets, so that we can follow through our work. You have managed to build strong bonds and I am very happy that you are part of the team!

Dima, Geri & Rumi

When I look at 2020 and all that we achieved, it is always a true effort. But a special thanks goes to you in the Branding team, that supported & often drove the change – from site, to newsletter, to internal comm’s, designs, organization…it’s a long list. I am thankful for listening and adapting, and evolving to what we have. And for always staying positive! THANK YOU