The SiteGround Design Team: Magical Unicorns

I am proud that we managed to nurture the source of inspiration to design and to maintain brand identity. We did worked hard to improve every aspect of our work goals-optimization, efficiency, speed, cooperation and responsibility! It is a win for another year that Boyan Todorov keeps encouraging us to become better and better in what we do, so that we do it with pleasure and dedication! Thank you, unicorn ninjas that you make Monday to Friday positive and full of color! 💜

SiteGround Management

I was so proud & amazed with SG for all that care and effort to keep us and our families safe and sound.
Motivation comes from within, and everyday tasty food helped a lot!
Best work needed the best communication- and we succeeded in that too!
We managed to find time for optimizing our workflow and here the win goes to Boyan Todorov, for being super consistent to keep the Design team stay together and motivated!
And last but not least- our design team workstations update was the best present before Christmas! That made me feel like the happiest girl in the world looking forward to new challenging, brilliant design work to be done! Thank you!

The Design Team Projects

Our amazing redesigned website with optimized performance & speed along with a very well structured Style Guide, our own icons set, the new UA, new concept for our visuals, awesome promo campaigns, tons of branded materials- from venues branding to clothes – all these as a result of a team work that rocks! Thank you for keeping the good sence of humor! L♡ve you all!