In this challenging year DES Team remained stable and efficient. Thanks to Bobby who kept us calm and informed, we managed to organize and complete any task in best quality. The question of the day was a great idea and brought additional value to every meeting we had. All the work from my colleagues I have seen this year is awesome and deserves respect.

SG Management

All the efforts you put to keep us all safe and healthy was not enough for you. You took care for every family in SiteGround! You helped hospitals in multiple countries. All the fast reactions and hard decisions you made this year were brilliant. I am really proud to be part of SiteGround!

Stanimir Stoyanov

Extremely skilled and ultra fast improving code maniac. I bet it is hard to spend your time far from all your colleagues and miss all pleasant moments in our office. And maybe even harder to work with @hristo.p all day long. That makes him a tough guy with a lot of respect earned.

Boyan Todorov

Being an excellent example to follow is a hard task. But here is the proof that is achievable. Always focused, always in condition, generating new ideas per second and managing 3 types of workflow at the same time – Graphic Design, Web Design and Frond-end. Totally deserved win!