The WP Developers

Stanimir Stoyanov

For growing as a team and dropping some amazing plugins! All of this while managing to stay friendly, positive and very specific about their acceptable brands of cars.

P.S. I forgive you for replacing me with the new model 😛

The PM daily meetings

It’s the 20 minutes that cheer me up and get me ready for the day ahead. Thank you, sweet people, for making lockdown, working from home and every little (and not so little) hurdle I’ve been through in the past year bearable. Truly the best team to be in. <3

Lily and the PMs

It sounds like a rock band and it really is! It’s the best team to be in, with the most caring, attentive and humane leader a person can ask for.

Lily, thank you for being understanding, encouraging and open to our individual peculiarities. Thank you for carefully selecting not only smart and capable, but genuinely good people in our team. People you’re not only grateful to work with, but to be friends with, too.