The PM Team

Moni, Vladi, Vicky, Cvet — thank you for nailing it during this whole difficult year. For never losing the focus and motivation, though it was so much easier to get lost in the circumstances. And above all for never losing the human touch and for making the extra effort to keep the communication in and outside the same as if you could just pop up on someone’s desk as in the good before-covid days!

Victoria Vicheva

For not being afraid, from day one of joining the PM team to get involved in some of the most complex financial projects we do! Vicky, you are a real asset, as finance people would put it:)

Vladimir Taulov

For patiently covering most of the non new user area and site tools day-to-day tasks, so that regardless of the importance of the two biggest projects this year, we were able to continue to deliver other things with high quality too.

Monika Dimitrova

For being wholeheartedly involved and going the extra mile in everything she does. She is an inspiring example of endless curiosity and positive attitude. Moni, thank you for making my life easier (and I do not mean only the vacuum bot you recommended:)

Iskra Rasheva

For her impressive and tireless work on writing down the requirements for the new User Area. She even managed to squeeze all “cPanel in new UA” JIRA stories in the last moment before she is off on her maternity leave!