Radost and Vicky

Radost Dacheva

Because you both are a key part of the CRM project adventure. I am really glad to have the chance to work closer with you this year. Thanks Radost for always finding the right words to share with our partners and sharing your know-how to dealing with setbacks. And thanks Vicky for your attention to every detail and your ability to turn things as simple as possible for better management.

Reneta Tsankova

Reneta Tsankova

Because yo are always an inspiration and an inexhaustible source of knowledge. Thanks for always helping us going in the right direction and for encouraging us to get the best out of each one.

The Design Team

Boyan Todorov

Because you team, are awesome in every design task that we request and you keep always improving and fascinating us with all your creativity even with tight deadlines.
Thanks Boyan, Maria, Mariela, Dani, Sophia, Slavi and Dimitar. You guys are simply awesome.

Victor Fachev

For helping Andreea and I so much during our “adventure” when trying to attend the Arte Festival from Spain. Your help, (plus Andreea’s nationality) were key to make it!


For always being there to give a hand when needed, your professionalism on everything you do and for always managing to make me smile with any of your jokes or memes.


Thank you Nikola for all your help with our content creation, your quick and insightful feedback and for being such a big reference on SEO… I have learnt so much from you this year!


Because you have faced a year of big changes for you with great strength and diligence while keeping rocking as always as the Head of Marketing of the Spanish team.


Because you are never run out of battery nor lose your smile, no matter how many (difficult) challenges our Madrid office had to face this and past year.


A big win for you Rumi, because I love the dedication you put on every project, your fresh ideas and your willingness to always help. And on top of that, your big heart towards animals ❤️ 🐶 🐈


A big thank you to Dima for giving me the opportunity to be part of the amazing branding team and make me feel close no matter how many kms of distance are between Sofia and Madrid.

Rebeca Monge and Miguel Díaz

For being so helpful, and always with a smile, with aaaaall the tweets, blog, facebook or instagram comments, technical questions of affiliates, client reviews,… that needed that tech knowledge or review to be answered.Thank you guys!

Wilkins Morales

For your awesome work and excellent organisation with (aaall of the) Spanish events and never losing your great mood and sense of humor.
And also a big THANK YOU for your top Instagram tips and for helping me cutting my meal when my wrists were not working properly! 🙂

Ana García

For continuing being an example to follow, her constant support, being the first SiteGround speaker in Japanese WordCamps… and surviving to them!