Yavor Tasev

For his tremendous help with the Christmas party movie activity. He volunteered to help on the topic and thanks to his encyclopedic film knowledge you all might get to enjoy an extra special shot at the party. The rest is a surprise, but the important part is that some of it was made possible thanks to him! Man, you are something.

Affiliate team culinary dinners

The Affiliate team came up with the idea of visiting a different type of restaurant/cuisine as a team every month and they extended the invitation to the whole Marketing team. It’s a great idea and I’m looking forward to it every time 🙂 🍣 🍤 🥟 🥠🍲🌮🍱

Krum, Krasi, Valyo & Gancho

The SG Beach Fest Dream Team. From standing on a 3-meter ladder to fix the shells on the decoration to getting sunburned dragging a boat across the beach – you guys were so helpful and ready to do whatever we ask in preparation for the teambuilding this year! Massive Respect! And I miss talking to all of you on the walkie-talkies!

Georgi Velev

For making me feel truly magical by giving me a unicorn as a gift after having seen a presentation that I recently gave at an HR forum. He said “You were looking for unicorns, so I got you one”. Joro, that makes two of you. Thank you <3

Lily Yakimova (Mkt)

For the idea to extend our weekly internal marketing “win” initiative to the rest of the SiteGround team! I wished I could give wins to people from other departments on several occasions and now I can do that!