Milena Stefanova

Being one of the most friendly and welcoming people I ever met, MIlena always took the time to explain, listen and help when I was dealing with financial tasks, no matter how tight her schedule was.

Mihail Irintchev

Just for being himself and mostly for being the spine of the dev team since there was a dev team. Thanks for everything – the beer, the shkembe chorba, the lambs for your anniversary, the dirty jokes and the non-dirty jokes and last, but not least – for being the best ever concert and beer drinking buddy. Love you ,man! 🙂

Bisser Todorov

Bisser is one of the most helpful people there is ever! No matter how overwhelmed by current tasks he is, he’s always willing to help with a trouble you have.
Million thanks for being there and for picking me up from the bus stop in the mornings so I don’t freeze to death 😀

Office managers team

I think we should appreciate the enormous effort that our office managers make to run everything in our offices smoothly – from Monday breakfast to fruits, company lunches, massages and everything.
Thanks ladies, you rock! 🙂

SG beach fest

I think the second edition of SG team building fest format was even more rocking than the first one in every aspect – food, activities, (the weather 😀 ), Technical issues, Pecata and the a**-kicking Dubioza Kolektiv performance. <3 to everyone involved and making this possible. 🙂