Support guys

I love you! You are ninjas and my personal heroes! No matter that is a simple question or a week old ticket, you are there! You never tried to kill me, when I visit you, you get me tea when I quit smoking (thanks, Niki Arabadzhiev). I want to say personal thank you to all of you, but I abuse (almost) all of you so the list will be long 😀 <3

Nikolay Aleksandrov

Bat Niko not only drives Legend but is a legend himself!! This is one of the most knowledgeable people and you can always count on him. Especially how to lose with dignity when you play table tennis 🙂

Angel Naichev

It’s not fair to pick up only one! you know how many awesome people work here, right? There is Angel N, who sings Tez cherveni domati in Turkish/German, so I will start with him!