Deyan Doychev

Deyan is very dependable. He is highly technical person but he also constantly establishes a feeling of teamwork, fair, open and collaborative environment. Deyan always speaks up in team meetings or directly to me and Jivko and provides a unique technical perspective on every potential obstacle, technical decision, planning matter, concern or on-going task. He explains in simple language any complex technical stuff or research output that may have affect on our planned tasks or requirements. As a result of the visibility and sincere explanations he provides, he has great contribution in building mutual respect and our productivity as a team.

Maya Stoyanova

Behind the scenes, Maya is one of the people who silently contributes to making the SiteGround parties happen. Maya worked from airports, had endless calls with Events team during an important conference and stayed late in the evening to get the Christmas party contracts and negotiations right, on time and in best interest for us. Thank you, Maya!

Daniela Nikolova

I love it when Dani and I work on a design task and she starts explaining me how something is done in Photoshop. She showed me bunch of tips and tricks and shared so many insights about elements, colours, proportions, interactions. This has helped me in getting her perspective better and understanding the unknown world of design and UX.

Zhivko Angelov

Zhivko was the very first person I started working with after joining SiteGround. As a newbie it felt great to collaborate with someone who never said that something cannot be done. Right from the beginning of the email project, we both faced areas, tools and technologies for the first time. And Zhivko took the challenge to learn a number of new things, the biggest one of which is programming in Go. It is inspiring to work with someone who learns new things so quickly. It is even more inspiring to see Zhivko’s dedication in becoming a Go developer, his motivation in improving his skills and knowledge and his focus on delivering well written code.