SiteGround ES

I remember that when I was signing up for the University of Plovdiv I got extremely excited when I saw the option to study Spanish. I fell in love with it, I liked the way it sounds, the way people talk, I liked everything related to it. I’m sure that every single one of us has that dream on top of the list that he wants to achieve. Well, studying Spanish was that dream for me 😀 Turned out to be really difficult to study in University and at the same time work so I couldn’t manage to learn it the way I wanted to. But then we opened the office in Madrid. I was given the chance to come here, to meet the colleagues who later on became my family, I was able to practice my language and to experience this whole amazingness here. Later on we started offering services in Spanish and I was able to improve it further more. Then I requested to move here and one day.. I did it.

I’m extremely grateful for the fact that SiteGround gave me a chance to make my dream come true. Many people don’t get it and it is far from easy changing everything, it turned out to be not so ideal as I first imagined but it was worth it. Because the people here made it that awesome. Thanks to SiteGround I turned my colleagues into family and I was able to achieve what I wanted. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without SiteGround.

Last but not least, thanks to all the awesome colleagues here. For the fact that they always support me, help me, believe in me and are with me in the good and the bad times.

P.S Sorry for the long essay 😀